Cartoon is the source of entertainment for kids

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Cartoon is the source of entertainment for kids

Cartoons are the most frequent and a easy source of entertainment for kids. They can watch them on television or search them on the internet at their homes and can spend with the wonderful activity which helps them in their growth as well. There is a wide range of cartoons are available which are only made for kids like Motu Patlu cartoons, Dragon Ball Z cartoons and much more which give them an opportunity to kids that they make their time memorable. There are many types of cartoon that assume us through a different ways like fashion, comic strips and gag cartoons. All these cartoons have a specific pattern in which the cartoonist describes his emotions and ideas according to the mentality of the kids.because it is necessary for the cartoonist who write the script of cartoon according the kids mentality which is very easy for kids that they learn new ideas very easily without wasting their time on some extra things. They use different techniques to elaborate the hidden message to all the kids and adults as well. These types of activity are necessary for kids because it enhances the talent of the kids. Most of the kids are grown up on watching cartoons with their characters. At the beginning of time when cartoons are introducing newly in parents did not take them a value because they think that watching cartoons is a waste of time and there is not a good or a new lesson which help our kids in the future, but after some interval of time when parents saw a good change comes in their kids due to this activity then they are very happy and they spend a sizable portion of time with their kids to watch cartoons. Comic strips make kids happy. Cartoons are an only activity which are associated with every single person like our parents are also attached with this wonderful activity when they spend a time with us to watch cartoons they go back to their childhood and they remember that how their parents teach them to represent the new ideas or new words.

Kids are the unique gift from god. There are several kids who love to watch these funny cartoons and gathered information which make their mind informative and creative, but on the other hand, there are some kids who did not to watch these funny cartoons they want to play some outdoor activities which make their mind fresh when they feel that they are tired and they are in some kind of depression when they think that now the time of study for them. Now it is the responsibility of parents that how they handle this situation that their kids are in a mental stress or in depression. Both diseases cause many problems in our daily life, but the research predicts that humor can reduce the stress and also eradicate all those problems are related to the mind. The best things about these cartoons due to which they are more popular with kids. They can watch them at home with their family member all cartoons are not made for kids, but some of them are very effective on kids mind and which are very helpful in the development of kids.

Cartoons give a new message to all our the world through a different way like humorously, emotionally or in a satirical mood. The political cartoons are the best instance of showing satire to attract the peoples towards themselves and also it is a way in which cartoonist say any things which he want to tell all our the world. There are some issues which are so dangerous for kids and they did not want to for give them cartoons give them an opportunity to parents that they can solve problems by using cartoons on daily basis.

The teacher uses this activity to learn them new concept for kids because some kids did not like to watch cartoons due to which it is very difficult to teach them. Some kids take interest and they learn it very quickly all those things which the teachers want to teach them. The dull student who does not take interest on this type of fun activity create problems for themselves and their teachers as well. If once your kids start learning from this activity, then all the tension of parents is solved within no interval of time. They are made in a specific way which help kids to get knowledge in a very short interval of time.

The conclusion of this activity is that cartoons are the backbone of kids they can’t live without them. They are the great assist for all kids who want to gather information. Parents can easily teach them any things which are troubling them to all kids.

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